Frequently Asked Questions

How is Triple Graces able to sell our glasses at such a low price compared to our competitors?

There are 5 main reasons why our products cost less than our competitors:

  • Love – Our staff truly loves sunglasses, not money. We love the process from design concept through to final delivery. We do not have executives making multi-million dollar bonuses and are not being pushed by investors for maximum returns. Triple Graces was started by sunglass collectors for sunglass collectors.
  • Logistics – Triple Graces was not only founded by design minds but also logistics minds. Our experience is in international freight forwarding and American Customs processes, means we know the best services to ship products and save money.
  • Distribution – Our distribution facility is designed based on many years of experience, allowing us to pick products faster, reducing our cost and improving service with fast shipping times.  
  • Sourcing – Our sourcing team is highly skilled in international negotiating and local business customs. We only use the most reputable suppliers across the globe and always push them for the best pricing and quality. Many of our suppliers are the same used by major brands charging major premiums for their goods.
  • Volume – By selling in 3’s and cutting out the middle man, we give you the wholesale cost on 3 quality crafted glasses for $93.33!

What do I do if I have a problem with my sunglasses?

See: Warranty, Retruns & Repairs



Where did the name triple graces come from?

See: Our Story



What do the frame sizes mean? 

Lens width x  Bridge x Temple length