A leading provider of polarized sunglasses, Triple Graces is dedicated to the development and manufacturing of quality eyewear.  Through commitment to excellence in product development, quality standards, technology, and customer support, Triple Graces has grown rapidly since its conception in 2012.


-Lifetime Warranty-

Because we use only the best materials all of our glasses come with a lifetime warranty. Please see our warranty page for futher info.


-Polarized Lens-

All frames come with our certified UV400 polarized lenses. Get superior glare reduction, increase color clarity, and block harmful UV light. We do not charge a premium for lens polarization. 



Hand polished custom stainless steel and single sheet acetate is made to specific weight for Triple Graces. Each frame is personally crafted using the best materials.


-How we make our acetate-

We hand select color chips to start the production process. After the chips are selected; they are molded into a single acetate sheet at a specific heat. Forging our acetate at this specific heat insures our sheets are made to specific quality and proper thickness for our sunglasses.

After the acetate is created, it is heated for 2 days before being molded into Triple Graces frames.  Once it is the perfect temperature, it is molded into the frame. The frame is then rolled in grain wood for smoothness before being hand polished.